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  TBI Consumer Report 1 - Long-Term Post-TBI Health Problems
  TBI Consumer Report 2 - Aerobic Exercise Following TBI
  TBI Consumer Report 3 - Parenting after TBI
  TBI Consumer Report 4 - Coping with Post-TBI Emotional Distress
  TBI Consumer Report 5 - Coping with Sexual Problems after TBI
  TBI Consumer Report 6 - Coping with Substance Abuse after TBI
  TBI Consumer Report 7 - Peer Mentoring
  TBI Consumer Report 8 - Person-Centered Planning
  TBI Research Review: Post-TBI Depression
  TBI Research Review: Hidden TBI
  TBI Research Review: Return to Work
  Mentoring Partnership Program: Program Manual and Mentor Training Workbook
  Underachieving Students
  Students with Traumatic Brain Injury: Identification, Assessment, and Classroom Accommodations
  Vocational Rehabilitation, Traumatic Brain Injury, and the Power of Networking
  TBI-101: A Multimedia Learning/Teaching Package
  Moving On: A Personal Futures Planning Workbook for Individuals with TBI,
a Facilitator's Manual, and Videotape
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