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Training Faculty 

Responsible Conduct of Research

Credits: 1
Course Number: BSR1003

Course Director: Charles Mobbs

Course Description:
This is a required course for all first-year graduate students and attendance is mandatory for all 8 classes (provisions can be made for missing one class). It follows the NIH-recommended curriculum for Responsible Conduct of Research to ensure that graduate students are thoroughly grounded in the highest professional standards for scientific research. Topics include understanding the definition of scientific misconduct, proper maintenance of laboratory notebooks, ethical and legal issues in the use of animals and humans in research, and ethical and legal issues in publication and review practices. The format of the course entails a didactic lecture reviewing the key elements of each topic, followed by small group discussions of case studies led by a faculty member, followed by reconstitution of the whole class in which each group describes its discussion of a specific case study. At the end of the course students must pass an online test of their knowledge of RCR administered by the CITI website.

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