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Training Faculty 

Course Catalog

What follows is an alphabetic listing of the graduate courses offered at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Many courses are given each year, with some more specialized ones given every other year. A number of the advanced courses are offered in a modular format. This optimizes the student's ability to mix and match modules to meet his/her specific needs. Students take the Core Requirement during the first one to one and one-half years, which includes research rotation. During part of the first year and during some of the second year, they usually complete the advanced courses in their areas of specialization.

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In addition to the courses listed here, special topics courses and tutorials are often arranged for individual students or small groups of students. Faculty members are also available to develop special tutorials to meet the needs of a particular student to master a specific advanced area of study. Students may elect courses at other institutions in the metropolitan area, through cross-registration agreements with those institutions, as we endeavor to facilitate the optimal advanced course curriculum for each student. This program is, however, not a heavily "course-oriented" graduate training program. The major task and time commitment of the PhD student is research and those informal journal clubs and seminars that contribute to the research enterprise. Our students derive a major part of their training experience from the interactions with their specific mentor, the research collaborators that abound in this environment, and from other faculty who interact with the student in connection with the research project.